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Advanced Radiators’ complete guide to radiators

Car radiators are vital components to your car. Vehicle specialist Advanced Radiators is on-hand to answer the main questions surrounding this important piece of equipment:

What are the types of car radiators available?

There are two primary designs of car radiators that you can choose from:

Cross flow radiators — These consist of tanks found on either side of the radiator, which work to enable the car’s

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Convert your van to a street food van!

Street food is a growing business, and increasingly it is being sold from converted vans.  Commercial Vans specialist have produced a guide to the business and what

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Semcon develops The Smiling Car a self-driving car that communicates by smiling

Eight out of ten pedestrians seek eye contact with the driver when they cross the street. This is no longer possible with self-driving cars. To make pedestrians feel safer Semcon has developed The Smiling Car concept where the self-driving car communicates in a perfectly natural way – by smiling.



By 2020, 10 million cars with self-driving features are expected to be on the road (Business Insider). In

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Infographic – The Rise of Street Food Van Vendors

Street food has become big business in recent years.  Whilst the search volume for the term has grown by more than 80 per cent between 2014 and 2016, statistics from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations estimate that 2.5 billion people now eat street food on a daily basis.

With more and more people looking to get into the business, secondhand commercial vehicle specialist

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Fleet Evolution welcomes news that ecofriendly vehicles dominated survey results

The results from this year’s Driver Power car ownership survey are in, and Fleet Evolution, one of the UK’s premier providers of salary sacrifice vehicles , has welcomed the news that ecofriendly vehicles have dominated the survey results, with a fully-electric vehicle taking the top spot, and a total of six electric and hybrid vehicles appearing in the top ten.

The all-electric Tesla Model S was crowned

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Drink Driving Charges & Endorsement Codes

What You Need to Know about Drink Driving Charges

We hear stats about drink driving, and the temptation may be to envisage one, all-encompassing act/offence/charge that has the same conditions and receives the same kind of treatment no matter where you are in the country. The reality is that it’s not so black and white.

There is a range of different drink driving charges that the police can

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Car Technology Racing Ahead

How technology is helping new drivers and the motor industry

Image by Glen Wallace (Licence)

The automobile sector is an area where technological advancements are in high demand. And while the quest for green, renewable energy drives scientists to find an alternative to fossil fuels in cars, others work to make cars easier and safer to drive — reducing the risk associated with driving.

With the cost of living

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Why Not Chip Tune Your Car

Most of us like the idea of making our car more powerful. You can easily increase the performance of your car simply by adding custom accessories to it. However, making your car more powerful means that is burns more fuel. That is fine for your muscle car, which you use at the weekends, but not what you really want for your family car. For that car

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Reasons why breakdown cover is essential

Imagine that you are on the way to a wedding and suddenly your car starts to splutter and spit. As you are pulling off to the side of the road your entire car coasts to a stop and the engine stalls. For someone that is unprepared for their vehicle to exhibit any trouble this might suddenly become an emergency. However, for someone that has proper breakdown

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Driving Gifts

There are times when it comes to birthdays and Christmas’ that we struggle to find the perfect gift for someone. The job is made an awful lot easier, however, if they have a hobby that affords you the opportunity to buy a gift prevalent to that hobby, be it golfing, fishing etc., it makes life so much easier. One such area is driving, and there are

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