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Online driving records could reduce car insurance premiums

The new government initiative to have all the driving records put online may be good news for the insurance industry players. This is because it may push down the insurance premiums for vehicles by £15 a year.

The project dubbed, My-License project will certainly be a welcome move by motorists and insurers.  The project will open the DVLA database. As such, it will be much easier to

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1905 vintage Merc sells for £720,000

1905 vintage Merc sells for £720,000

1905 vintage Merc sells for £720,000

A 1905 Mercedes Simplex 28/32 HPs Phaeton has sold for £720,000 including premium yesterday at Coys’ True Greats auction in London.

This Mercedes is one of the oldest surviving examples of the marque in the world today that is still complete and roadworthy. The car was bought by an overseas collector in Eastern Europe, who is a very good Coys’ private

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Man given taxi licence despite terrible driving record

Dangerous driving is one of the previous charges facing Christopher Adam, including 16 of driving when disqualified and 13 for driving without insurance. This man has now caused a furor amongst road safety campaigners when he was given a taxi licence despite his bad record.

They say that despite having 62 convictions, the 37 year old was allowed to ferry passengers. Others who were disappointed were the

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Car insurance: drink-driving crackdown

There has been a renewed drive from road safety charity Brake to appeal for the drink-drive limit to be decreased in England and Wales to a zero tolerance approach.

As well as calling for the law to be changed, it is also urging for increased priority to traffic policing in a bid to guarantee that breath tests are carried out to help improve road safety and reduce

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Your five first steps after a car crash

The year ending September 2011 saw a total of 204,350 injuries result from accidents on the UK’s roads, including thousands of deaths.  No matter how good you are behind the wheel, accidents happen.  Here’s what to do immediately following a car crash to minimise the stress and risk of the situation.

1. Stop and think

Failure to stop if you have caused damage or injury constitutes an offence

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Should I look for a new insurance provider if I lose my no claims bonus?

Car insurance premiums have reached a record high at precisely the wrong time for motorists who have had to tighten their belts. The no claims bonus (NCB), also known as the no claims discount (NCD), has never been more important. Drivers can prove they are trustworthy through years without claims, driving down the cost of insurance.

Sadly, it only takes a split second to put a dent

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Shocking revelations regarding the increases in car insurance costs

It has recently been revealed by Spencers Solicitors that one of the reasons why the premiums on insurance for motorists keep increasing is because claims for personal injury are being auctioned off to the highest bidder. This is a revelation that has shocked many people and it is a questionable practice which is apparently rather rife in the insurance industry.

The practice has been taking place for

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The secret to lowering your car insurance costs

Motorists face costs from a variety of different angles nowadays, with road tax, car insurance and MOTs all being legal requirements. On top of this, fuel and maintenance costs will also be incurred. Driving is often considered a necessity by those looking for increased mobility and that means that saving money on these expenses has become even more important.

The truth is saving money on your car

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