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A review of the Nissan QashQai Crossover

The unveiling of the Nissan QashQai was an immediate sensation among clients who value style more than anything else.  The surging demand upon its release into the market made the car a bestseller in the Britain’s auto industry. Its success immediately ticked other rival manufacturers to produce similar competing models. Therefore, competition is at sky high buoyed by both the supply and the demand side.

Many drivers

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A review of BMW XD3 (2014)

The XD3 model’s tastic look has not failed to clearly define class. First, it may be critical to understand the evolution of the Alpina XD3 over the years. Surprisingly, this is the first time they have managed to sell a toned, tuned version of one of the successful BMW’s ‘X’ SUV models.

What makes the XD3 car a better option? Luxury vehicles consumers would like to look

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Cuba set to lessen the restrictions regarding foreign cars

According to the state media, Cuba is reducing the strict laws that govern the purchase of foreign made used and new cars. Cubans will now not have to get government permits when they want to purchase modern vehicles from state sellers. However, this was not the case in 2011 as individuals could only sell cars made before the 1959 revolution.

Since 1959, the government could only be

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New car figures for 2013 exceed those of 2012

The number of cars sold is increasing with the number of the new registered cars exceeding those of 2012. All this is happening while the year has not yet ended, as there is one more month to go. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said that there were 159,581 new cars registered in November, which was a 7 % increase on numbers for November 2012.


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Lotus Evora G4

Although the Lotus Evora is not very common on the roads, we generally love it for its excellent steering, fluid handling and plentiful performance. Therefore, we did not hesitate when asked to drive the Evora GT4 on Hethl’s racetrack. And the GT4 is not only an Evora that has some sticky tyres and stiff shocks and rollcage-50% of all its parts are actually new. It would

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A look at the LA Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto show will officially start off this year’s auto show season in US. The LA Auto show will probably be bigger than ever thanks to the ideal location of the city coupled with the love for cars for the residents. Mercedes-Benz would be bringing the most news to LA although Kia, Subaru, Porsche and Lincoln are among the automakers there would be lots

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Is the BMWi3 really revolutionary?

BMW has described the BMW i3 as a “revolution”. However, could this be a marketing gimmick or is i3 really a revolutionary car? The development of the BMW i3 started in 2007 whereby a team from the ‘i’ segment of BMW was chosen.

Consequently, you cannot describe it as an overnight success if BMW sells all the 10,000 cars, its annual capacity, for a cool £25k with

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A look at the new Subaru Outback

The Subaru Outback has some very nice features including standard-fit gunmetal alloys, a restyled nose and a clearer cabin instrumentation. However, this is not just all the Outback has got. Subaru has a new diesel powered model that has an automatic gearbox that creates a 2.0D SX lineartronic model, which is expected to attract a significant portion of the British buyers. People came in to see

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The new BMW i3

Can this car be the one that will set the ball rolling for the automobile revolution? In the post-budget era, will we be seeing motorists queuing up for their supermini electric car outside Joe Duffy Motors with their €30,000 and a burning urge to buy this car? From the point of view of an economist, the probability of this happening is very slim.

One should not take

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2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG 4MATIC

Many models from the Mercedes-Benz stable complete their journey at AMG. This factory at Affalterbach routinely provided the cars with engines having “V” cylinder configuration. The exception to this rule was the C30 but that is not really worth mentioning. However, things changed with the CLA.

News from the power mechanics working in AMG indicated that they had worked their way through the four-cylinder CLA’s in-line engine.

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