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The new BMW i3

Can this car be the one that will set the ball rolling for the automobile revolution? In the post-budget era, will we be seeing motorists queuing up for their supermini electric car outside Joe Duffy Motors with their €30,000 and a burning urge to buy this car? From the point of view of an economist, the probability of this happening is very slim.

One should not take

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Review of the Mercedes S63 AMG

The all new S-class variant S63 AMG is finally here. This 577hp car has been proclaimed by Mercedes as the best auto in the world. However, only time will tell if S63 AMG has the enough fire power to beat the likes of Jaguar XJR, Audi S8, and Porsche Panamera Trubo. This is our first review of the car based upon a test ride of S63

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Suzuki’s new car a carbon copy of the Nissan Qashqai

Suzuki, the giant automobile maker, has brazenly copied Nissan’s family hatchback and named it Suzuki SX4 S-Cross. The name may look clumsy but the fact remains that Suzuki is after the market that Nissan seems to have captured with its Qashqai.

Even Nissan had no idea that it would become their best selling car only by jacking it up a few inches from the ground. It is

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Peugeot 308 set for 2014 launch

The new hatchback from Peugeot also known as 308 will be hitting the English market starting January next year. This is a mid-size vehicle, which does not have things like a variable steering rate, a sport button, adaptive dampers and no complicated engine maps.

The aim of this car is just to transport you from one point to the next quietly and comfortably plus it uses fuel

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Volkswagen Jetta fails to live up to the hype

Many people were disappointed with the newly released Volkswagen Jetta. Its façade is a step backward from what was expected from VW, with its ancient engine, base trim and its bigger, heavier and cheaper design. Americans sure wanted a larger Jetta, with a more competitive price and a bigger back seat, but UK VW drivers were less than thrilled about these changes.

We also had an unenjoyable

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Win the chance to drive a new Jaguar F-TYPE

Win the chance to drive a new Jaguar F-TYPE

Car giant Jaguar have just launches their new social media campaign called #YourTurnBritain. This aims to encourage people to upload images which they feel encapsulates the best modern Britain has to offer to the Facebook, Tumblr, Instagram and Twitter social media sites.

By using the tag #YourTurnBritain, everyone who uploads an image will get the chance of winning

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Nissan’s Micra makeover unlikely to win it any new fans

Nissan has given the Micra a complete makeover and added in some new gadgets hoping to dress the car up but it likely is not going to be enough in order to help attract customers towards the Japanese supermini vehicle.

The new Micra will officially go on sale September of this year with a sticker price of £9,900 to £12,900 based on extras. It is aimed to

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New Mazda 3 set to be even more popular than its predecessor

Since the Mazda 3 first debuted back in 2003 it has received mostly positive reviews which were likely initially helped by the fact that the front of the car actually looks like it is smiling due to the odd shape of the grill that is carefully planted between the headlights.

Now the Mazda 3 has been completely redone for a new release in 2013 and this time

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A look at the new driver less cars

It is quite exciting to some, and boring to others, that there is an evolution of driver less cars. One can think of nothing more exciting that cutting back on B-roads while on long motorway slogs, and others think that heel-toeing around a race track, is quite boring.

Recently, BMW invited us to test a driver less car that they have developed, on a long stretch of

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European car sales hit new low in May

In the worst May figures of the last 20 years, the drop in European car sales has reached a new low. This has knocked for six the slight hopes manufacturers has of reversing the continuing drop in sales they have suffered for the last 5 years.

According to the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association, there has been a drop of 5.9% in the sales that were recorded last

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