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Win 1 of 5 Range Rover Evoques With Halfords


A Halfords promotion launching today offers customers the chance to win one of five Range Rover Evoques worth a combined £225,000.

Any Halfords customer, over the the age of 18, buying any size and any brand of engine oil for either a car or motorcycle can enter into the prize draw to win one the stunning and desirable vehicles free of charge.

The competition is open to customers

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Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4

A couple of years ago the idea of creating a hybrid diesel passenger car was nothing more than an idea, but now the Peugeot 3008 Hybrid 4 is ready to hit the market and surprisingly it is only priced at £26,995.

The hybrid is the very first diesel passenger car to hit the market and up until now the idea was as crazy as the idea of

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Motoring in 2012 – RAC Report

The RAC, the driving people, have released their 2012 motoring report in an interesting infographic that takes the shape of a petrol pump. This highlights many facts that most motorists will not be aware of, such as the fact that most drivers believe that if motorway speed limits were raised to 80mph many would then drive at 90mph, and that 83% of drivers admit that they

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Germany – Leaders In The Automobile World

By, on Flickr

The German automotive industry is one of the big hitters in the global industry of car manufacture. A large proportion of drivers, whether through buying or renting a car are likely to have driven a German-made automobile. Their automotive manufacturers are among the most well-known brands in the world and the industry enjoys pre-eminence in the European market. Given that

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Online breaker yards helps to repair over 3500 UK vehicles

Breakeryard are a company that were founded in 2003 and since this time they have been able to assist over 3 million motorists by finding them parts for their cars. The company focus on finding people both used and new parts and they have a website which has a huge list of different parts available for vehicles.

On the website, there is a list of all dismantlers

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Hot Tips on Car Servicing – How to Avoid Expensive Repairs

One of the undeniable laws of nature is that things break down. Our cars are no exception. But you and I can avoid some of those costly repair bills by simply paying attention to a few simple maintenance items. You can perform routine maintenance on your own, or you can take your vehicle to a garage where they can be done inexpensively.

Oil Changes – Changing your

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Do you have a sleek performance vehicle that populates your dream? Or perhaps you trawl the car showrooms and motoring press looking to upgrade your current car. Whether you’re an enthusiast, or a general car user, this car blog will have something to interest you.

Look out for details about all the main car manufacturers, new models coming out, and performance reviews. Learn about relevant road safety

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How to Claim Car Accident Compensation After a Road Accident

Accidents can occur on the road as much as anywhere else. Besides the initial shock, the costs of these accidents can drastically build up. Lost work hours and certain medical costs, as well as the costs of repairing any damage suffered to your vehicle itself, can set you back.

However, if the accident was not your fault then compensation is often available to help cover the costs.

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Launch of Squash My Car App for iPhone & Android

Launch of Squash My Car App for iPhone and Android

Thanks to a new smartphone app you can see your wheels in a completely new light.  ‘Squash my Car’ on the iPhone and Android lets you pimp your ride into a miniature and then show it off to the world on twitter with the tag #squashmycar. Big kids, fans of toy cars and petrol heads will

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Huge numbers of used car cons from Del Boy sellers

New research reveals pitfalls of UK’s 1.4M annual private car sales

The recession has had an impact on many things in the UK and apparently has also affected peoples honesty. One in five people will admit that they have lied when they were selling their car. The survey that revealed this was conducted by Trusted Dealers, which is a used car website. This site is backed up

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