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Why Not Chip Tune Your Car

Most of us like the idea of making our car more powerful. You can easily increase the performance of your car simply by adding custom accessories to it. However, making your car more powerful means that is burns more fuel. That is fine for your muscle car, which you use at the weekends, but not what you really want for your family car. For that car

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From Shanghai to Almaty BYD’s car proves up to the challenge!

BYD F5 Suri challenge

BYD F5 Suri challenge


After 8,000 km and 35 days the BYD F5 Suri saloon car has proved itself up to the challenge posed by two Dutch guys who are driving from Shanghai to Rotterdam. Their ‘Brand New China’ initiative is seeking to demonstrate that Chinese brands are fully capable of competing in the West and today arrived in Almaty, the largest city in fast developing

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Winnergear MONTAR car mount for smart phones now released in the UK

UK drivers  can now have a stylish way to enjoy using hands-free phone calls, listening to music and easy way to secure a sat nav thanks to Winnergear who have made their MONTAR car mount.

The MONTAR mount has a simple yet unique and stylish design so it will look good on a dashboard or windscreen and will suit any custom car settings. It can hold all

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Reasons why breakdown cover is essential

Imagine that you are on the way to a wedding and suddenly your car starts to splutter and spit. As you are pulling off to the side of the road your entire car coasts to a stop and the engine stalls. For someone that is unprepared for their vehicle to exhibit any trouble this might suddenly become an emergency. However, for someone that has proper breakdown

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Win 1 of 5 Range Rover Evoques With Halfords


A Halfords promotion launching today offers customers the chance to win one of five Range Rover Evoques worth a combined £225,000.

Any Halfords customer, over the the age of 18, buying any size and any brand of engine oil for either a car or motorcycle can enter into the prize draw to win one the stunning and desirable vehicles free of charge.

The competition is open to customers

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Driving Gifts

There are times when it comes to birthdays and Christmas’ that we struggle to find the perfect gift for someone. The job is made an awful lot easier, however, if they have a hobby that affords you the opportunity to buy a gift prevalent to that hobby, be it golfing, fishing etc., it makes life so much easier. One such area is driving, and there are

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Stay Safe on the Road This Winter

Driving in poor weather can be a nerve-wracking experience, especially when teamed with all the tragic news stories about people being injured or killed in accidents at this time of year. The first and best way to stay safe this winter is to stay off the roads unless you have a serious and urgent need to be out and about in poor weather. Whenever possible delay

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Online driving records could reduce car insurance premiums

The new government initiative to have all the driving records put online may be good news for the insurance industry players. This is because it may push down the insurance premiums for vehicles by £15 a year.

The project dubbed, My-License project will certainly be a welcome move by motorists and insurers.  The project will open the DVLA database. As such, it will be much easier to

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A review of the Nissan QashQai Crossover

The unveiling of the Nissan QashQai was an immediate sensation among clients who value style more than anything else.  The surging demand upon its release into the market made the car a bestseller in the Britain’s auto industry. Its success immediately ticked other rival manufacturers to produce similar competing models. Therefore, competition is at sky high buoyed by both the supply and the demand side.

Many drivers

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A review of BMW XD3 (2014)

The XD3 model’s tastic look has not failed to clearly define class. First, it may be critical to understand the evolution of the Alpina XD3 over the years. Surprisingly, this is the first time they have managed to sell a toned, tuned version of one of the successful BMW’s ‘X’ SUV models.

What makes the XD3 car a better option? Luxury vehicles consumers would like to look

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