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Is the BMWi3 really revolutionary?

BMW has described the BMW i3 as a “revolution”. However, could this be a marketing gimmick or is i3 really a revolutionary car? The development of the BMW i3 started in 2007 whereby a team from the ‘i’ segment of BMW was chosen.

Consequently, you cannot describe it as an overnight success if BMW sells all the 10,000 cars, its annual capacity, for a cool £25k with

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A look at the new driver less cars

It is quite exciting to some, and boring to others, that there is an evolution of driver less cars. One can think of nothing more exciting that cutting back on B-roads while on long motorway slogs, and others think that heel-toeing around a race track, is quite boring.

Recently, BMW invited us to test a driver less car that they have developed, on a long stretch of

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