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Fleet Evolution welcomes news that ecofriendly vehicles dominated survey results

The results from this year’s Driver Power car ownership survey are in, and Fleet Evolution, one of the UK’s premier providers of salary sacrifice vehicles , has welcomed the news that ecofriendly vehicles have dominated the survey results, with a fully-electric vehicle taking the top spot, and a total of six electric and hybrid vehicles appearing in the top ten.

The all-electric Tesla Model S was crowned

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Are electric cars really so eco-friendly?

Last week heralded the start of Nissan’s production of the Leaf, the first electric car to be built in the UK. The car is to be made at the Japanese manufacturers Sunderland plant, and they have said that they expect a slow start but believe that the time is right for the battery operated car to make its mark on the industry.

Government’s around the world see

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Despite incentives electric car sales are still disappointing

The government recently introduced an incentive scheme which would allow motorists to get £5000 off the purchase of every electric vehicle. Despite this incentive however, the sales of these vehicles have been rather disappointing.

The Nissan Leaf was released last year and had a retail price of over £30,000. However, after the subsidy from the government the price of the car was just over £25,000. Despite this

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Electric car drivers take longer trips than petrol-heads

A new study claims that drivers of electric vehicles make longer journeys daily than those in diesel or petrol cars. The study, conducted by BMW claims to be the most in-depth ever held into the use of electric vehicles in today’s world. BMW conducted the trial over the space of 12 months and they say that they have discovered that the driving behaviours of the 138

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2011 year of the electric car

With the government car grant for plug-ins starts this month, they are lauding it as the year of the electric, or the shocking year. Six models of vehicles qualify for money in the sum of as much as £5,000. They are

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive,  Citroen Czero,  Mitsubishi iMiEV,  Peugeot iON,  Tata Vista EV,  and Nissan Leaf.

Early next year we’ll see three more cars added to the

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