Over 100 Classic Cars Headed for Auction After Abandonment By Owner

A total of 105 British and American classic cars are set to be put up for auction, after being abandoned at a Staffordshire mansion since last June.

The vehicles have been left untouched at a mansion in Biddulph Park after the tenant was evicted for not paying rent, and as their owner seems to be missing in action, the landowner says he will soon have no choice but to put all of the cars under the hammer in order to recoup his money.

This could make a fantastic opportunity for classic car enthusiasts to get their hands on the rare vehicles in this colourful and varied collection, which includes classic cars that are almost a century old.

Some Rare Rides

Among the classic cars that could be making their way to the auction house are treasured British vehicles like a Jensen Interceptor, a Humber Super Snipe and a Humber Sceptre, Mini and Morris Minor pick-ups plus two Triumph Stags.

There is also a Porsche 911, a German NSU sports car, a soft-top Cortina, an Escort RS 2000 and two Italian Lancia Fulvias that could potentially go up for grabs. One of the abandoned classic cars that could generate the most interest is the Ford Model T, dating back to the early 1900’s and in desperate need of a caring new owner.

The mysterious former owner of the classic cars is thought to have collected over 140 vehicles, but he took many of these with him when he left the mansion. Of those he left behind, 68 were placed into storage and 37 simply left in a field outside the property, so it’s important that they’re claimed soon before they can fall into disrepair.

Valuable Vehicles

Motoring expert John Swift has assessed the collection of classic vehicles, and estimates that the cars could fetch a six-figure total if they are sent to auction.

“This is a treasure trove of classic cars. If they are auctioned enthusiasts from around the country will be flocking to the sale.

“To find a collection that includes such rarities as a couple of Triumph Stags, Mini and Morris Minor pick-ups, a Cortina soft top, and what might yet prove to be an Escort RS 2000 and so many others is just amazing.”

The landowner has given his former tenant until December 19th to collect his vehicles. If they do go up for sale and you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one, make sure you cover your new prized motor with classic car insurance from a specialist company such as  Cherished Vehicle Insurance, and be sure to show your car more love than its previous owner did!