2011 year of the electric car

With the government car grant for plug-ins starts this month, they are lauding it as the year of the electric, or the shocking year. Six models of vehicles qualify for money in the sum of as much as £5,000. They are

Smart Fortwo Electric Drive,  Citroen Czero,  Mitsubishi iMiEV,  Peugeot iON,  Tata Vista EV,  and Nissan Leaf.

Early next year we’ll see three more cars added to the approved list. These are the Vauxhall Ampera,  Toyota Prius Plug-in Hybrid, and Chevrolet Volt.

The Spending Review saw nearly £400 million earmarked for encouraging the adoption of ultra-low carbon vehicle technologies. Philip Hammond, Transportation Secretary reminded us that not long ago these kinds of cars that appealed to the public were fiction. “Today they are definitely feasible, even finally becoming part of reality. Every one of us will be able to drive a car without the guilt of carbon emissions.”

Paul Everitt, CEO of The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders, was excited, “This might be the year we see the smarter car users choose smart cars, save money, and buy up smart Earth-saving technology.”

“Even the diesel and petrol vehicles have peaked at amazing mpg’s. The electric car is available. So now we have quite the choice. Either way we improve our standing with the environment. On top of this, smart car shoppers can find tax breaks as well.”