2014 Mercedes-Benz CLA45 AMG 4MATIC

Many models from the Mercedes-Benz stable complete their journey at AMG. This factory at Affalterbach routinely provided the cars with engines having “V” cylinder configuration. The exception to this rule was the C30 but that is not really worth mentioning. However, things changed with the CLA.

News from the power mechanics working in AMG indicated that they had worked their way through the four-cylinder CLA’s in-line engine. Everyone wondered whether this would result in something unbelievably fantastic or whether one would see another version of the CL63 AMG mini, a fusion of power and typical Mercedes style and luxury.

One expected to hear a reassuring hum of all big AMGs when one started up the engine. It was with great disappointment that one noted the absence of any such sound. The start up resembled the noise of some air compressor rather than that of the majestic V-8.

Though it disappoints in the sound department, the power is very much on schedule. The twin-scroll turbocharger can feed the 2-litre engine a resounding 26.1psi. It translates to 355 horsepower with 332lb-ft torque.

AMG ensures the robustness of the entire assembly by utilising a strong crankshaft housed in a rugged aluminium block and special pistons. This die-cast unit is much stronger than the one found on a normal CLA250. The transmission with three driving modes, delivers the rich power through the seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission to the all-wheel drive mechanism.

The butterfly valve in the exhaust of the CLA 45 ensures a sweeter sound at 3000 rpm. The power is steady in the 2500—5000 rpm range. The engine produces its 332lb-ft torque readily. The cutoff is at 6700rpm. One has to wait on this until it is time for shifting. This occurs either automatically or through the manual use of steering wheel paddles. Now, one will hear the familiar bruuuump of the AMG car gear shift.