First 500 Suzuki Kizashi’s head to the UK

The Suzuki Kizashi is a car that has already been released in India, Australia, the USA, and Japan, and has also sold over 25,000 units. The car is seen as a competitor to the Ford Mondeo, and despite the popularity of the car so far, only 500 units are going to be coming to the UK this year, but it is probably the case that more are going to come if these units sell very well.

One of the major reasons why the company have decided to limit the number of cars coming to the UK is expected to be because they are only available with the petrol engine. The car is also priced at £22,000, which makes it very expensive for a petrol car, especially when you consider that diesels are by far the most popular option in the UK market when it comes to this type of vehicle.

The car has a 2.4 litre engine which is capable of developing 176 brake horsepower. It also has an automatic transmission, which is capable of switching to either two or four-wheel-drive. Another reason why the car is going to be particularly unappealing because of its petrol engine is because it kicks out quite a chunk of carbon dioxide.

This is going to mean that in the first year, nearly £450 in taxes are going to be paid for the vehicle, and even in coming years, the tax expenses going to be large. This compares unfavourably to competitor models, and is one of the reasons why the car is likely to be less successful.

That said however, it is likely that at some point in the future the company are going to release a diesel version of the car, which is going to be much more popular in the UK market. Unfortunately though there are no plans for this in the immediate future, and so anyone who likes the car, but would only want a diesel version are going to be disappointed.

Despite all the negatives, the chances are that there are going to be some users who want to purchase this vehicle. It seems likely that the company will sell all of the models, but whether there is a bigger market for the car when it still has its petrol engine is hard to predict.

Many people will probably be attracted by the sporty, yet smart, look of the car, and as it is going to be rather limited in its release, people will probably be attracted by the fact that is going to be rather unique in the UK market.

Another positive factor of the car is its size. It is a touch smaller than other cars of its class, but inside it seems to be just a spacious. Those who regularly have passengers in the back will be pleased to see that there is plenty of legroom, about as much as there is in the front, and that head space is plentiful. That said, people who are over six foot, are not going to fit particularly well in any part of the car, especially the drivers seat, where the standard fit sunroof sort of gets in the way.

The car is capable of reaching a top speed of 127 mph, and it has a relatively quick 0 to 60 speed of 8.8 seconds. The manufacturer claims that the car is capable of getting 34 mpg, but in testing this has been proved to be just under 30 mpg. Overall, the car will find a market, but not a particularly large one.