The Allure of the Citroen DS5 Hybrid4

By emitting 91g/km of CO2 and returning74.3mpg, there is no doubt on the efficiency of the Citroen DS5 Hrbrid4 luxury car. Even though it is quite expensive and is not as famous as its counterpart, the German Estate, the DS5 is an eye catching car and one worth buying. The Hybrid4 model appeals to company car market and at the same time its thick tires guarantees the driver a smooth ride.

The Citroen DS5 exudes more character and style in comparison to its Bavarian competition in terms of its appearance, since it has a special metallic blade that sleekly sweeps from the front to the back, on each side to its inwardly carved tail lamps.

Its interior is just as impressive with ergonomics playing second fiddle to the superb style where the doors have no buttons and the centre console controls the electric windows and the locks. Once one is used to the unconventional part-MPV and the rare positioning of the gear shift, the DS5 is an easy car to drive. The interior is quite spacious and has a very comfortable sitting position. Even though it is quite pricey, one has the option of the getting the watch strap leather not mentioning the heated seats.

The motor assembly and the car battery are located under the floor of the boot and slightly compromises the 325 litre load area while the rear space is quite small. Anyway, to make sure that newbies’ budget is below 10% car tax for company cars, it is exempted from road taxations. Citroen has new software, 163 bhp 2.0 litre diesel, for the effective management of the engine and a better management system for the battery.

The 18-inch alloys fill up the arches much better than the 18s and emits about 91g/km of CO2 and an advanced update in March is expected to reduce it to 88g/km. The hybrid4 manual gear switches slowly from one gear to the next and it is unfortunate that the six speed auto is not available on the Citroen DS5.