Armoured E-Class Mercedes

Protecting passengers has been a long term aim in which Mercedes takes pride However, this delicate and subtle protection of passengers has been elevated to higher levels in the latest Mercedes-Benz E-Guard.

The E-Guard, derived from the standard E-Class, is the newest add-on to the company’s armoured vehicle range. It has been equipped with more and improved security components

In a Mercedes the body armour is fixed into the chassis, the floor will stop a blast, the tyres are 17 inch and will run flat, and the windows are made of polyethylene carbonate, bulletproof.

The vehicle looks almost the same as a regular E-Class, and so the E-Guard becomes less attractive to car thieves and possible murderers in some of the world’s more hostile neighbourhoods. A singular air suspension (Level II), will handle the extra load, regular engines used in the E500, E3DI and E350 models haul the additional load.

Mercedes expects buyers to pay an additional €10,000 reward for the armoured E-Guard. Mercedes believes that the extra safety makes this money well spent.