Aston Martin reveal new Rapide S

The new version of the Aston Martin Rapide, entitled the Rapide S, is essentially a face lift of the iconic super-saloon vehicle that Aston Martin is known for. From the start, stand out features include a 6.0 litre V12 engine that is able to offer drivers an extra 80bhp, a larger singleframe grill, three-mode damping system.

The extra 80bhp added into the Rapide S allows it to sport 17% more power than the original model jumping power up to 550 bhp at 6750 rpm which is pretty impressive. In addition, the peak torque of the Rapide S has also been boosted up by about 20lb now reaching 457lb when the car peaks up around 5000rpm. An additional nice touch is the added 30lb of torque that pops up when the car is idling or under 400rpm.

Top speed of the Rapide for those who are speed demons is 190mph, but beware that the Rapide S only gets about 19.9mpg although petrol drivers most likely already expect lower emissions. On the bright side, Aston Martin has managed to reduce CO2 emissions by about 3g/km. This is enough to get the car in compliance with new EU6 regulations.

What most drivers are probably wondering is just how good the engine sounds for the cost and specs that go with it, and the answer is great. Almost everyone will be impressed when you gun the engine into life and the twin pipes will make a glorious sound on the roads when the Sport button is engaged.

For those that do not want to sound like a dragster, you can also choose separate settings and keep the gearbox in D for a gentle sounding engine that is more of a purr. After all, the car is sleek enough that it somewhat announces its presence on the road without any noise needed.