Aston Martin style, class and elegance

The name Aston Martin has long been synonymous with luxury sports cars, and since it was founded in 1913, has epitomised style, class and elegance in a car. Now known as the Aston Martin Lagonda group, its original name came from a combination of the Aston hill speed climb in Buckinghamshire and the surname of one of the founders, Lionel Martin.

Owned during the period 1994- 2007 by the Ford Motor Company, it was purchased in 2007 by a consortium company headed by David Richards for £479m, although Ford still retain a 12.1% stake in the company, with an approximate value of $77m.

The brand was really pushed to the forefront thanks to their association with the James Bond films, and the super spy flitting around in his DB5 made everyone associate the car with a playboy lifestyle around the Med. While this isn’t quite the image they convey today, it certainly did the British manufacturer any harm at the time, and after a break they reappeared in the Bond movies in 2002 and still features in them now.

The Aston Martins rolling off the production lines today are still stylish and elegant and a brand that frequently appears on car wish lists. They are, quite simply, modern cars for a modern world. Sleek and chic, owning an Aston Martin still makes a style statement, but it what goes on beneath the bonnet that make them so desirable as racing cars as well for personal use.

If you are seeking to turn your dreams into reality and become the proud owner of one of these prestigious motors, then you really should track down a certified Aston Martin Dealer. This is simply because they are experts in their field, and they will match you with your perfect car, as that is a big part of owning an Aston Martin, that you look right in the car.

The 2011 Aston Martin Virage, which set the Geneva Motor Show alight, is the new version of an old favourite, and is the first time a Virage badge has been seen on a new car since 1996. Curvaceous, sleek and ridiculously tactile, this model lives and breathes the very essence of Aston Martin and is the latest must have sports cars to sweep Europe.

Likewise, the new V8 Vantage S Coupe, this has serious power for the serious driver, all wrapped up in body that makes this a true thoroughbred amongst cars. Encompassing power, beauty and soul, the V8 Vantage S Coupe provides the kind of driving experience that you can’t fully appreciate until you try in first hand, and is a car that has real character.

There are those connoisseurs of Aston Martin who seek out old models and set about lovingly restoring them, and who can blame them? Classic car restoration is becoming more and more popular and it’s no surprise that the majority of these would kill to get their hands on a classic Aston Martin. No other car gets the same reaction, and quite frankly, none ever will.

Article published for Bramley