Aston Martin’s slow Cygnet

Aston Martin makes a slow car, strange but true, its city car, the Cygnet. The car marks a major departure from its iconic cars of the past, like the DB5, the DB9, V8 Vantage and the DBS.

Figures are very un-Aston like, with a top speed of 106mph and a 0-62mph time of 11.8sec. Prices start from £30,995 for the standard cygnet, up to £39.995,  for the Snow White and Magic Black editions, more than triple the price of the equivalent Toyota iQ, upon which the car is based, at £12,515.

However, you do get the Aston treatment, handcrafting for 100 hours at Aston’s Gaydon facility, luxury interior, bespoke luggage for some editions, styling touches from the sportscars, including the grille, vents and diamond-turned alloy wheels. The engine is from the iQ, 1.33 litres, developing 97bhp, with either six-speed manual or CVT automatic gearbox .

The super-mini market, dominated by cars like the iQ, Mini and Fiat 500, is competitive, however, Aston say it should be seen as a second car to one of their existing range. Their sales target is 1500 Cygnets annually in Europe. They have already had 200 orders and 600 sales leads. Order books are open now for delivery in April.