Audi A6 released

You can order your new Audi A6 in the UK beginning January 2011.  Prices start just over £30,000, including the 20 per cent VAT, and deliveries will be made in the spring.

You can choose between one of three diesel engines or settle for the petrol model.  The 2.0 TDI is the fastest at speeds of over 142 mph.  Audi has been very conscious of emissions standards and offers some of the very best environmental credentials.

The car has a display that projects vital information so that it seems to be floating in front of you.  There is also an optional night vision assist, which will use a thermal camera to highlight warm-blooded figures on the road.

You can also choose a parking assist option that helps you manage into tight perpendicular or parallel parking spaces.  Of course the A6 is available with Audi’s more familiar options like lane departure detection, which lets the driver know if the car is drifting out of lane and blind spot warning to let you know there is a car you can’t see. With all of this available, it sounds like the driver might soon become optional, as well.