Audi announces a new SUV Q7 Quattro

Audi has recently released a new car, the Q7 Quattro, which is a three litre diesel vehicle, which stays very true to the Audi philosophy of combining exterior beauty with mechanical perfection. The car has a very high quality feel to it as you would expect from an Audi, and this is a SUV that seems very much targeted at the premium end of the market. The car is designed to be very luxurious and offer a comfortable driving experience, while also being incredibly safe. The car certainly looks imposing, and on the road it has a significant visual presence. The exterior package helps to disguise the large proportions of the car, but it still makes its presence known on the road.

The build quality and technology of this car is outstanding, and the same can be said of the materials used. All of this comes together to produce a car which is remarkable in so many ways. As well as being a large car, it also manages to be efficient and aerodynamic, and the efficiency of the engine is also something that has not been neglected in this vehicle.

As has been seen in Audis in recent years, the lights remain on in the daytime, and consist of LEDs, which look very stylish. The car also comes with tinted privacy glass, meaning that those in the rear of the vehicle are going to enjoy privacy.

In terms of performance, the car is also impressive, and the three litre diesel engine delivers pretty remarkable performance. It develops 233 brake horsepower which allows it to accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in around 8.4 seconds. The transmission in the car is particularly impressive, and you will find that it utilises the gears impressively in order to improve engine braking. Overall, this is an excellent SUV, just as you would expect from Audi.