Audi gives up on electric car dream

Audi has given up on its bid to develop a fully functional electric car, whereas other car manufacturers such as McLaren, Ferrari, and Porsche have chosen to take the hybrid route. However, Merc’s AMG division is still strong in its resolute of developing an electric car and have manaaged to develop a zero-emission version of the Mercedes SLS as a show of their hard work.

Just because the car is electric doesn’t mean that you should expect a limp lettuce version of a sports car, on the contrary, having been developed in conjunction with Brixworth’s Formula One Experts, the SLS Electric Drive has four electric motors capable of delivering a nauseous 738lb ft and 730bhp worth of torque, making the latter one of the most powerful electric car AMG has ever developed.

It’s only logical that the cost of the car matches its worth with the starting price for the SLS Electric drive being £350,000, which costs twice as much as any regular Merc SLS coupe. Weight is any sports car worst enemy and the SLS Electric is no exception, with the latter being saddled up with 12 lithium-ion battery modules, this has only worked to increase the car’s kerb weight with an excess of over 584kg.

This explains why the car is sluggish at first in spite of its four-wheel drive, but other than that, the drive is much more comfortable, not to mention that it’s faster than its predecessors. The thrust that results from keeping the pedal pinned can make anyone feel nauseous, but besides that, the AMG has been fitted with a 155mph limiter which helps to conserve the batteries.

Luckily, the heavy motors and batteries have been placed in the middle and lower sections of the car thereby increasing the stability of the SLS.

There is no doubt that the SLS Electric drive is an amazing machine, but unless you are intent on acquiring an eco-friendly sports car, its huge price, left-hand-drive-only layout, not to mention its lengthy charging intervals would make any buyer rethink their decision, opting for other better alternatives.