Bailiffs arrive for half a million parking fines every year

Every year parking fine disputes push town halls into sending bailiffs to nearly half a million drivers. The £3bn per year debt recovery industry involves Local Councils in more than 33% of the 17 million cases. The risk of drivers having their cars impounded over often disputed trivial sums is common when bailiff firms are employed for minor parking infractions.

While a pensioner was in the hospital recently one bailiff firm tried to seize her powered scooter for failing to pay a fine for illegal parking and in another case a woman refused to pay a fine for over staying her parking by three minutes and her care was seized and sold. Big Brother Watch campaign group have gathered data because of the many freedom of information requests they have presented.

They found that in the financial years April 2007 through March 2010 that on over 1,400,000 occasions bailiffs were called on by town halls to collect parking fines. This culture of bullying needs to stop and the Coalition needs to acted promptly to do so says Big Brother Watch’s Daniel Hamilton. Ministers, after a number of complaints, are set to recommend new regulations for the industry of debt collection.