The Bentley Continental GT is a beast of a car

Weighing in at over two tonnes, the Bentley Continental GT is a beast of a car. When you are sitting in the driver’s seat the car seems so large that you can barely even guess where the corners of the car are, making it rather hard to navigate in tight spots. The bonnet of the car is so big it seems to stretch so far in front of you that it seems to reach the end of the road ahead.

Not surprisingly for the size of the car, it has many features that make you glad that you are driving the giant machines. It is full of so many little features that just make the driving experience that little bit more pleasant, it is easy to see why this is one of the leaders in the luxury car market.

For one, there is the heated steering wheel and the beautiful chrome knobs that are used to control the direction of the air flow. The on board computer is also full of information about every aspect of the car. You can quickly look up the tyre pressure in each of its wheels, and it will even tell you which type of wheel you have on the car.

For people who own the Continental GT closing the boot and doors with actual manual effort is far too much. This is why the car is equipped with doors that will close themselves with the touch of a button. For the boot of the car, you don’t even need to do this, a light brush of the finger over the badge will cause it to spring open. Owners are also not expected to have to reach over their shoulder to put their seatbelt on – a small mechanical arm will bring it forward so you don’t have to reach back.

The car is in many ways a contradiction. At some 2 tonnes it is very heavy, but it has wonderful lines that give it a look of beauty. It is also very conservative, but it has more technology inside than most homes. The Bentley makes no apology for any of these facts though and it actually boasts about them.

The latest model of the Continental GT has a very notable improvement on the last. It now comes with a six speed gearbox that has cut the gear change times in half. The engine has also been upgraded so that the 6 litre engine creates 567bhp which is enough power to make the giant car seriously fast.

The problem with this is the petrol costs, official figures for the car say that it averages around 17mpg, a figure that is going to seriously hurt most pockets. In bad traffic the number falls dramatically, with reports saying that it can be around 4mpg. Astonishing figures indeed, but after all it is an astonishing car.