Sponsored Video: Bentley Motors Taps Outstanding Personalities To Promote The Bentley Mulsanne

Bentley Motors has always been known to produce the world’s greatest cars, so it shouldn’t be of any surprise that equally amazing personalities are seen in the driver’s seat of these high end motors. For their newest Mulsanne model, Bentley motors did just that, when the company tapped three outstanding individuals, each respected in their own fields, to become the newest Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries.

The first of these three visionaries is no other than Jackie Chan, who is a world-famous martial arts actor and a well known philanthropist. While Jackie Chan once focused on creating the most outstanding martial art films, all of that has somewhat taken a backseat to the actor’s present passion. Today, Jackie Chan chooses to focus on his charity work, starting with his own Jackie Chan Foundation, and many other charities he sponsors.

So far, he has been successful in raising over $100 million, as well as opening 26 schools in different parts of China. In the Bentley Visionary Series, Jackie Chan touches on the importance of helping others and how it has not only touched his own life, but has completely changed it too.

Next on the list of Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries is China’s Wang Shu, a notable Chinese architect. The architect is known for his very distinct style and while almost every other architect has gone with ultra-modern themes and designs for China’s newest skyscrapers, this visionary has chosen to look in the other direction, opting to pay equal attention to the past, and give ancient Chinese design the homage that it deserves.

This move did not fail Wang Shu, as he was recently awarded the 2012 Pritzker Prize for Architecture for his combination of traditional Chinese and modernist influences, Wang Shu was also voted Wall Street Journal’s ‘Innovator of the Year’.

Rounding up the list of Bentley Mulsanne Visionaries is Wing Commander Andy Green. This gentleman is noted as the person who has held the world land speed record in the last decade and a half. Andy Green has accomplished many feats, among them managing to achieve over 763 miles per hour in the Thrust SSC.

It is fitting that the third visionary that Bentley chose is familiar with speed, as he was tasked to put the Mulsanne to the test at the Bonneville Salt Flats located in Utah. While Andy Green touches on the amazing innovations that have surfaced within the last hundred years, he is clearly excited about what the future holds in innovation. He shares some of his future plans, including plans to yet again break his own world record.

Besides the three gentlemen mentioned above, Bentley Motors has also added other distinguished innovators to their list. Clive Darby, well known celebrity tailor, Federation International l’Automobile President Jean Todt, musical genius Jean-Michel Jarre, and finally, CEO of Lalique Silvio Denz were also interviewed and asked to give their insights on their personal visions for the future.

The vehicle responsible for the gathering of these noted individuals is no other than the Bentley Mulsanne. This latest model takes inspiration from the brand’s equally iconic models of the past. However, the Mulsanne is also characterized by several unique features that make it a car fit for our modern era.

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