Bloodhound SSC 1,000 mile per hour car

Parker Jannifin, the huge name in control and motion technologies, is backing the Bloodhound SSC project, attempting to make a car that will split the 1,000 mile per hour barrier to land-based vehicles.

Product Manager at Parker Hannifin, Mark Cattermole, said that the company is providing much hydraulic equipment that will prove useful for the entire cycle of the build and testing of the vehicles.

He indicates that Parker equipment is responsible for the quality of air braking systems, the aerodynamics, and even the ground support equipment.

Cattermole affirms that Parker’s goals match seamlessly with Bloodhound’s mission, “Aggressively pursue whatever appears impossible and triumph through technological ingenuity, scientific engineering, and pure math.”

The intention for Bloodhound is to become a template for excellent engineering in the UK and to be encourage and guide future engineers.

What makes it the cream of the crop is the combination of hte 300 mph Eurojet EJ200 jet engine, boosted by the Falcon rocket. With the rocket boost, it jumps up to 1,000 mph.

In the centre of the vehicle stands an auxiliary F1 engine. It delivers purified peroxide to the Falcon rocket. It also sports 800hp and gives the punch to the starting of the jet engine and to the hydraulics as well.

The unification of these technologies yields the amazing 135,000hp. When the vehicle is accelerated, it takes a mere 42 seconds to zoom from zero to 1,000 mph.

Bloodhound and Parker are collaborating to design and develop control winglets and hydraulic air brakes.