BMW 3 races against Audi 4

BMW have recently released their new 3 Series and this is a crucial time for Audi who have recently also released the latest version of their A4 car. While the BMW is a brand-new vehicle, the new offering from Audi is just a facelift. The car has been given a more economical engine and there is a more at advanced entertainment system present in the car. The outside has also undergone some changes making it look a bit more modern.

The changes have been made to every model of the A4 but in this review we are going to be looking at the saloon. Given the fact that this car hasn’t really had a great deal of changes to its actual design it is rather similar to the previous A4 on the road. The new car comes with a choice of 1.8 or 2 litre petrol engine and much like the previous versions of the car it has rubbery steering and a rather firm ride. Many people who are hoping for improvements in these areas with the new version of the car are going to be quite disappointed.

There is no question that Audi, as it usually does, have created a car with a lot of grip but it feels very confident going through corners but unfortunately the steering really lets the car down. For anyone who has driven the BMW equivalent they will know that it is a lot more enjoyable to drive. BMW have a great focus on the car’s ability to flow through a bend and this makes it feel very sporty, unfortunately this is something that Audi have not done.

If you are choosing to buy the Audi then you must not do it for its sporty performance, instead you must see it as a cruiser. When you are on the motorway the engine simply fades into the background and it provides a very refined driving experience. The only thing that is going to disturb the car in the car is the wind whistling past the wing mirrors.

There is also a diesel engine available for the car and while you might not think this is the best choice for the car it really is the engine that works best. It has a low torque and has a performance that seems very easy. The petrol engine seems to have to work harder and can even become noisy when revved aggressively.

So far we have said much about how this new A4 is slightly disappointing because of its similarity to the old model, but you must not forget that the previous A4 was a great vehicle. One of the most notable things about the car was the great amount of space for the driver and passenger and the build of the car is as excellent as anything you would expect from Audi.