Is the BMWi3 really revolutionary?

BMW has described the BMW i3 as a “revolution”. However, could this be a marketing gimmick or is i3 really a revolutionary car? The development of the BMW i3 started in 2007 whereby a team from the ‘i’ segment of BMW was chosen.

Consequently, you cannot describe it as an overnight success if BMW sells all the 10,000 cars, its annual capacity, for a cool £25k with all its impressive features including zero emissions, a carbon fibre chassis and the fact that it will operate on electricity.

The i3 joins other electric cars in attracting the vast number of youth and city dwellers who see cars from a different perspective from their parents. It is competing against Renault Zoe, Chevrolet Volt/Vauxhall Ampera, the Nissan Leaf and the VW e-Up.

This is a small car, less than 4 meters long and a 9.8m turning circle and 19in alloys. Its unique features make it ideal for use in busy city streets in London because it can cut through traffic with ease to an extent of outdoing the London Black Cab.

The i3 looks elegant with its replaceable plastic panels, which also helps in lowering insurance rates. It makes people like it even if they previously had no clue about these cars. It has other impressive features like a Gorilla-glass looking rear hatch, layered exterior and considerably muscular haunches, which all retain the BMW kidney-grille. You may even mistake it for a concept car that is straight from a show floor. It should be at least 5 years before you can see something else similar to the i3.

The interiors are also beautiful; the i3 has textured plastic, stitched leather that is combined with cloth and a material that seems like it is made from recycled plastic on the dash. The door trims are made of straked door pulls and Eucalyptus glove box lid. There are no sharp angles in the car making it safe for everyone.

It also doesn’t have a centre stack making it easy to exist from either side for greater convenience and safety. The centre display is also considerably large hence making the rear passengers to have a good time.