New BMW’s posting healthy UK sales

BMW has a market in the UK that makes up around 20 percent of its total sales around the world. It is estimated that the large number of purchases in this country mean that the company have already sold over 170,000 of the new 3 Series.

The BMW 3 Series is a range of compact executive cars, with the flagship of the range being the M3 Saloon. The 3 Series is also the only car from BMW to rank in the top 10 sales chart of cars in the UK, it comes in at number eight with an estimated sales figure of around 40,000 in the last year alone. Prices of this vehicle start at just under £25,000.

As with many BMW’s there are a lot of different options you can customise the car with. Initially however, it will arrive in a four-door version but it is expected later in the year this will change. The first release is also going to only be available in petrol or diesel, although it is expected that hybrid versions will arrive later in the year.

The convertible version of the car is not going to be released until next year, and it is estimated that the flagship M3 version of the vehicle is not going to be available until 2014. Many modern BMWs have a great deal of technology that is targeted to making the cars more fuel-efficient and reducing their carbon dioxide emissions. This technology has proved so successful that it has won several awards for the company.

This car is more spacious than the previous 3 Series but despite this it makes use of additional lightweight construction materials which reduce its emissions and fuel consumption when compared to the previous version. Other efficiency technologies utilised include an automatic gearbox with eight speeds, which is known to be particularly friendly on the petrol tank.

Despite all these fuel saving efforts, the car is still faster than the previous version, and when driving it, it is clear that it is more agile and nimble than the previous car. As with all BMW’s, there are a wide range of engines available, and as mentioned earlier, more will be being made available later in the year. The most powerful version of the car has 306 brake horsepower which it gets from a three litre engine with six cylinders. This car is known as the 335i.

The range of specifications on the car is large and there are three main specification versions; Luxury, Modern, and Sport. Each of these is designed to appeal to a different customer group and beyond these initial choices, further customisation can be made. Each version of the car has a distinct personality and character, but be aware though, if you want to customise the car heavily, it is going to add a significant figure to the pricetag.

It is expected in the most popular version of this new BMW is going to be the Sport version of the 320d. This is largely because of its very impressive fuel efficiency which is capable of managing over 60 mpg. Its carbon dioxide emissions are also incredibly low at only 120 grams per kilometre. The car is retailing for a touch over £29,000.

BMW is having a major year in the UK and this is not just because of the release of this new vehicle. They are also partnering with the London Olympics and have provided over 4000 cars to be used as transportation at the event. Many of these are hybrid cars which will contribute to making the Olympic Games a particularly environmentally friendly occasion