New BMW’s set for the UK in September

BMW has recently announced that they are going to be bringing several new models to the UK this September in order to be available in time for the new licence plates which come out in the same month. The new models of these cars are wide-ranging, from very compact versions, to larger cars.

One of the smallest cars in the range is the new116d EfficientDynamics, which is a five door sports hatchback, with a pricetag of just under £21,000. The big feature of this car is that it is very tax efficient because of its low emissions. The car gives 99 grams per kilometre of carbon dioxide emitted, which is the first BMW that has ever been made to its meet the low 100 grams per kilometre target.

It is a turbodiesel engine which is 1.6 litres big. It develops just over 115 horsepower and it is essentially a scaled-down version of the larger two litre unit which produces 109 grams of carbon dioxide per kilometre. The car has a very impressive real mpg range of 66 which is going to appeal to those who are wanting a car which is more fuel-efficient.

The fact that the car produces so little carbon dioxide means that it is not going to attract any road tax. Additionally, the car doesn’t have to pay the congestion charge in London, which can make it a very effective vehicle for those who work in the city. Additionally, the car is also able to be written down for 100 percent of its value in the first year that you own it.

The official figures for the car suggest that it can get nearly 75 mpg, and it is possible that if you drove very efficiently it could attain this figure, although regular driving is going to give you a lower amount. What is also very impressive about this vehicle is that it doesn’t necessarily sacrifice a great deal of performance in order to be incredibly efficient. It has a top speed of over 120 miles per hour and it gets to 60 in 10 seconds.

This car is best for cruising as you will find that its acceleration is not that brilliant when overtaking. When you put it into sixth gear though and simply cruise along the motorway at speed, you’re going to find that it is a very frugal machine to get you where you’re going comfortably, and cheaply.

The reason that this car is so efficient is because it takes advantage of technology from BMW which is called EfficientDynamics. It uses management systems on the car such as an automatic start and stop function as well as automatic transmission to make the car very efficient. It is also possible to set the car into eco-mode, where everything is very economical. This does sacrifice on the performance of the vehicle, but if you want to travel a little bit faster then you can simply switch this mode off.

The technology also appears in many areas of the car, all the way from the engine, to the tyres. The car doesn’t have runflat tyres, which is seen on many other vehicles, but instead has tyres to focus on very low drag on the road. All of these elements mean that the car operates incredibly efficiently.