C-MAX Energi from Ford

Stephen T. Odell, Chair and CeO of Ford of Europe, is due to reveal a revolutionary vehicle at a news conference for Ford Motors. Ford’s CEO, Alan Mulally, will also broadcast via video at the same news conference, while he is the keynote speaker in Hanover Germany, at the biggest tech show in Europe, CeBIT.

More Ford executives will be present to exhibit four new vehicles and new technologies by Ford to improve the consumers’ pleasure driving the Ford vehicles.

They will also present the C-MAX Energi, a first run of the plug-in hybrid Ford first revealed in Detroit and the North American International Auto Show. The car is due to hit the streets of Europe in 2013 and will be built in Valencia Spain.

The Wildtrak, Ford’s new Ranger model, will make its showing at The Geneva Motor Show this year. It carries new safety features, bigger power, greater efficiency of fuel, and it is more compact and very capable. It hits the streets of the UK at the end of 2011.

As for SUV’s, the Vertrek will be more compact as well, in addition to being more fuel efficient. It was revealed at the North American International Auto Show and will be shown in Geneva this year as well. The Vertrek is a member of the C-segment platform.

The Ford Focus Electric is Ford’s first full out attempt at a 100% electric personal vehicle. It is available in Europe next year. This is only the first of Ford’s investment in 0% emission vehicles.

The Ford Focus Electric maintains sufficient power to meet the average needs of a normal driving routine. It also attempts to steer the driver toward energy efficient driving habits.