Car cleaning in the winter just got a whole lot easier

AquaZero is a new system to clean your car that is entirely waterless.

The system is able to get rid of all of the worst dirt on a car without using a single drop of water, which is going to be a very welcome proposition for people who want to clean their car, but don’t want to get wet doing it.

The system is excellent and capable of delivering a professional clean finish without the use of any water at all. The system has been specially formulated in order to lift even the most stubborn dirt off the car, and it works within just 15 minutes. It also reduces any need for scrubbing or rinsing, so the car is clean in no time, with a minimum amount of effort.

Two special cloths also come with the car cleaning kit which allows you to give your car an excellent finish in no time at all. What is particularly great about this system is that it will allow you to clean your car indoors, which is something that is going to be particularly welcome during the winter months.

Rob Walker, joint director of AquaZero said, “Our waterless car cleaning technology is second to none and will leave any vehicle gleaming and protected keeping it cleaner for longer. No one enjoys standing outside when its cold and wet so drivers love the fact that AquaZero can be used both indoors and out. The ease with which the stubborn layers of dirt that accumulate on cars at this time of year disappear from sight is an added bonus.”

Because it isn’t applied or removed with water, AquaZero’s guaranteed professional-quality clean is supremely eco-friendly. Manufacturers Drymotive estimate that each 500ml bottle of AquaZero represents a saving of over 600 litres of water against using a pressure wash. Despite its green credentials, AquaZero is tough on dirt and will clean, shine and wax all exterior surfaces to deliver superior quality results. Anti-static properties ingrained within the formula help cars to stay cleaner for longer, even during prolonged wet weather. Its performance is backed by guaranteed results first time or your money back.

AquaZero waterless car cleaner is available in a choice of 500ml, 5 litre and 10 litre bottles. A standard 500ml bottle will wash on average five family sized vehicles, providing a showroom quality finish every time.

Drymotive is currently running a promotion for 2 bottles of AquaZero with 2 free Microfibre cloths for £19.98 with free delivery. To order and for more information visit: