Car Cleaning: Outside & In

Keeping your car clean can be a wasteful and time consuming business. It’s also pretty miserable, spending your hard-earned leisure time with a wet brush in hand on a cold winter’s day. One solution is a car wash, of course, but that isn’t cheap. When you think how often you need to get your car cleaned, the costs can really add up. Taking these factors into consideration, the benefits of using a pressure washer become clear. Not only is it a one-off expense, but cleaning your car with a pressure washer is quicker, more effective and actually uses a great deal less water than a conventional hose. Water is emitted at such speed that the actual quantity of water needed is significantly less, and the time it takes the spray to remove dirt from your vehicle’s bodywork is much shorter. You can get the job done in double quick time and don’t need to get your hands wet.

Many pressure washers are available in bundle packages which include accessories designed to aid the cleaning of specific surfaces. One example is the kind of auto bundle offered by Nilfisk pressure washers, which combine a high performance pressure washer with a range of car cleaning accessories. The pressure washer is powerful enough to handle all cleaning tasks around the home and garden (and ideal for car cleaning) and capable of emitting hundreds of litres of water per hour, depending on the size and strength of the machine you choose. With accessories such as fixed wash brushes, under chassis nozzles and specially-designed auto nozzles included in the bundle package, you can have all the equipment you need to complete an excellent cleaning job on your vehicle.

But that’s only the outside. For a thorough cleaning out of the inside of your car, one of the best machines on the market is a wet & dry vacuum cleaner, also available from Nilfisk. Able to pick up soil, sand, sludge, gunk and pretty much anything else that is ever likely to find its way into your car, these compact cleaning machines are the perfect solution for an interior as clean as your own home.

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