New car figures for 2013 exceed those of 2012

The number of cars sold is increasing with the number of the new registered cars exceeding those of 2012. All this is happening while the year has not yet ended, as there is one more month to go. The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders said that there were 159,581 new cars registered in November, which was a 7 % increase on numbers for November 2012.

Last month’s figure made the total for January to November this year to be 2,111,819 which was a 9.9 % rise compared to the same period last year. Additionally this total was already in excess as compared to the entire sales of the year 2012, which was 2.04m.

Total sales made this year are almost getting to around 2.25m, which would therefore make this year the best since 2007 when the sales got to 2.4m. Mike Hawes, the SMMT’s chief executive said that in 2013m, car owners have purchased more than two million cars making a tremendous success for the industry on the back of a wider variety of new products and buoyant customer confidence. He went on to say that, they could expect that the demand of cars will be more in 2014 as compared to this year due to the UK economy looking very positive.

However fuelled car sales have increased by 16.4% to this point though they represent as little as 1.4% of the new car market. In the mean time, Jaguar Land Rover is investing £240m to develop a plant that will be able to make close to 24,000 vehicles a year.

In addition, JLR is said to become the first car maker in UK to open a manufacturing facility in Brazil. This facility will be based in the city of Itatiaia, Rio de Janeiro and will at first hire four hundred individuals with the first cars due to be made in 2016.

The company makes SUVs such as the Freelander however; they refused to say the models that might be made in Brazil. Its Chief executive, Ralf Speth said that the buyers in Brazil usually have more appetite for highly capable premium products and that this program would enable them to bring better cars to the buyers. Furthermore, the cars would have an exceptional British design, engineering and therefore create a first class JLR facility.