The car wasn’t the only star at recent motoring event

The event that was billed as the launch of the ‘Best Car In The World’ had more than just this superlative at play during the launch event. There was Alicia Keys, an American star singer who showed up at the event that also included the Airbus A380, the biggest and the most advanced plane in operation now.

The Mercedes S-Class, a limo capable of ticking 64 mpg thundered down a runway into the hangar at Hamburg HQ of the Airbus A380. There were guests numbering 800 who were themselves all VIP.

The maker of the car Mercedes however run a risk by labelling the car as the “best car”. It is time that would prove them right or misplaced in this context. At present, the distinction that the car carries on it is the ability to self-drive, and that too in heavy traffic conditions. The speed limit at which the S-Class, the only car as on date to be able to steer, brake and drive on without manual intervention, is 30 mph. This would go well even in traffic jam scenarios.

The other special feature is the self-detection of both pedestrian and vehicles in front and self-brake itself. There is also provision for the rear hazard lights to come on automatically when the car detects a possible rear collision.

Another unique aspect of the car is its suspension that carries cameras to detect bumps on the road. Suspension of the car is automatically adjusted to required level giving the occupants a flying carpet sort of ride. The makers have therefore termed the car not only the safest but also the most comfortable to ride even on potholed roads.

About its fuel guzzling abilities, the S-Class turned out to be extremely frugal, returning figures of 64 mpg. The figure is achieved thanks to the car’s petrol and diesel hybrid engines, which makes the limo even more economical than the superminis. Launch of the car was carried out at the Airbus hangar just to showcase the new S-Class is as much about technological superiority as the A380. It is indeed a class vehicle the reason probably why Alicia Keys agreed to endorse it.