The Caterham Seven Supersport

The Caterham Seven Supersport costs £23,000 and for this price they don’t include a wind shield, or paint for that matter. People will be asking themselves what the car does offer for that kind of price tag. Looking at the pre-release material from the company, it’s disappointing to find that it is just a combination of motoring buzz words like ‘sportiness’ and scientific rambling about carbon dioxide emissions and the like. There is one thing that we can be sure of about this car though, it is fantastic.

The car is not quite as wild as the Superlight series that Caterham also produce but that does not mean this car is at all tame. It is a work of brilliance. The power to the car comes from a Ford Sigma engine which, with its 1.6 litres, is capable of producing 140bhp. The car has small 13 inch wheels that have Bilstein shocks. It has a 5 speed gear box with a sprint ratio and has a chassis that is more focused on the track than the public road. The car weighs a tad over 500kg and when you consider the power it is packing this makes for a very quick machine.

As we mentioned the car doesn’t have a windscreen and this will be a problem if you don’t have a helmet as you will have dirt, grit and probably bugs flying in your face a lot. It must be said that it feels a bit daft getting into the car wearing the helmet, but once you are inside you feel completely a part of the machine. The car has a fantastic way of isolating you from any distractions.

The car is incredibly fun to drive, its small steering wheel and loud engine truly make it feel as if you are driving a racing car – and really, you are. The ride is hard and you will feel yourself being pulled around by the steering wheel. What will strike you most about the car is its response times. If you touch the throttle a bit harder the vehicle will leap forward. If you pull the wheel to the left the car will veer in that direction.

On the road, unsurprisingly the car has excellent grip and the power makes taking corners incredibly easy. If you have under steered a bit, just press the pedal a little and the cars power will simply correct the problem. The car is intense and sometimes scary but unquestionably brilliant.