Cheaper and more efficient Porsche Panamera Diesel

If the Porsche 911 GT3 RS 4.0 is to your liking then most likely the Porsche Panamera Diesel is not for you. It is the more economical and the cheapest Panamera to date. It is only the second diesel model ever for Porsche joining the SUV Cayenne. The market in Europe is cornered by diesel and this gives Porsche another way of expanding in the market and creating more potential for the four door sports saloon.

Buyers that are on a budget may not like the price since it is over £62,000 making it about £15,000 more than the Cayenne diesel.  It is not that much more than fuel efficient than its sister car the Cayenne diesel but with 43 miles per gallon it is the most economical of all time for Porsche.

The Panamera Diesel 172g/km CO2 figure cannot beat that of the Panamera S Hybrid but the numbers improve to almost 45 mpg and 167g/km opting for the lower rolling resistance tyres.  What is great you can drive over 750 miles with the 80 litre fuel tank.

The motor is the same a 3.0 litre V6 as in the Cayenne Diesel and has the same VGT variable turbo technology that is found in the GT2. The Porsche limo has more horsepower (5bhp) than the SUV so the total power reached 247bhp from the 3,800 rpm through to the 4400 rpm.

From 0-62 will take just under 7 seconds at 6.8 and the speed tops out at 150 miles per hour, while the rear wheel drive and a Tiptronic eight speed S auto are the only options in transmissions.