Chevy Volt and Wayne Hemmingway

Wayne Hemmingway is a green innovator of this decade, as he concentrates on housing materials and is hard at work on the vintage festival. For this reason he is featured in the Chevy Volt promotional video set, well, that and the fact that he is one of the leading proponents of electric cars.

He believes that sustainable cars are now being created because creative people think about where they came from and it’s natural to want to leave the world behind the way that they found it. He explained that electric cars are one way to do this, and some car manufacturers are now considering how they can help the environment as well.

The Chevrolet Volt is the newest electrical car offering from Chevrolet, and is a spacey and normal looking vehicle that resembles a regular car perfectly; except when you get down to the fact that it does not use any gas while out on the roads. The interior of the car is regular, with enough space to comfortably fit five people in the vehicle, and unlike electric cars of the past, is still a full sized standard instead of some miniature model of what a car should be.

According to Hemmingway, this is the result of creative minds that are motivated to make the dream of an electric car real, and a little less like something that you would read out of a science fiction magazine. It is easy to see just how comfortable the ride is in the video as the duo travel along, and really, if you did now know that the Volt was an e-car there is no real sign that it is.  With petrol prices continuing to increase and CO2 a large concern, it may just be time to check out what Hemmingway is promoting.