Citroen Berlingo First NDi 75

A cheese sandwich comes to mind when you see the new Citroen Berlingo First NDi 75. The reason being both are quite simple yet they are versatile and tasty. There is only one available engine and trim on the vehicle as such, even though a few extras can be added in. Those include electronic brake force distribution and ABS that is only a combined cost of £320 while the van is only £11,500 and with VAT a total of only £13,800.

The Berlingo is quite compact in terms of being a van therefore it has good manoeuvrability in city driving. Even though it is modest in size there load storage capacity is almost 3m3 and the maximum payload is a decent 600kg.

The weight of the vehicle is pushed by a 1.6 litre 75hp diesel motor with plenty of torque power. If the van were empty it would average a very good 52 miles per gallon and only emits a carbon footprint rate of 143g/km.

The load area is easily accessible as the doors in the rear open to 180 degrees. This added to the opening side panel on the floor that is low, makes it very easy to slide your cheese sandwich assuming of course it is no longer that the maximum of 1.7 metres. This is not all that bad for a very well priced van that you can use in the city or out on the highway and feel good about it wherever you are.