Common Road Traffic Accidents

Road traffic accidents are all to common with injuries ranging from minor whiplash to death. Fortunately, 86 per cent of injuries are minor. However, 13 per cent are serious injuries and 1 per cent, fatal.

The type of injuries suffered have no limits when it comes to road traffic accidents and can include lacerations, broken skulls, fractured ribs, severed limbs and ruptured spleens. The injuries that causes the most concern are spinal injuries as they can result in brain damage, paralysis and in some cases, standing and walking problems for the remainder of the victim’s life.

The most common injury in road traffic accidents, however, is whiplash. They are often brought about by a rear-end collision, resulting from a jerking motion at the point of impact. This sees the neck moving past its normal degree of motion which affects the muscles, tendons and ligaments. Whiplash symptoms are typically headaches, shooting pains, tenderness, general pain and problems with moving the neck.

Back injuries are also common and can be hard to treat as they can be the cause of lifelong pain. Symptoms are often an inability to move without experiencing pain, muscle stiffness and soreness, weakness and spas, and chronic pain.

Head and jaw injuries are also common but are also very serious. Traumatic brain injuries arise when the brain is shocked by the impact of the collision which results in partial or temporary impairment. Jaw injuries are not dissimilar to whiplash due to them occurring at the point of acceleration. For either injury, symptoms include anxiety, difficulty with eating and chewing, headaches, memory loss, inability to concentrate, severe dizziness and concussion.

If you were not at fault for the accident and it was caused by someone else’s negligence then you may be able to claim for personal injury. You should also pursue medical advice as it will be taken into account in your claim. You could claim for a large sum even from whiplash. If you experience just minor whiplash that could potentially last for up to 12 months, you could claim a maximum of £3,000.

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