Company cars enjoy a surge in popularity

Leasedrive Group are the largest privately owned and independent vehicle management group, and they have just produced the ‘Essential Guide to Company Cars’. This looks at why an ever growing number of employees and employers are opting for company cars instead of employee car ownership and cash for car schemes.

The commercial director of Leasedrive is Roddy Graham, and he says that the company car is very much back in vogue and way more popular than it was 10 years ago. He also said that for companies it was greener, cheaper and safer and for drivers it was easier and a lot more appealing, both financially and as part of a rewards package.

Mr Graham went onto say “Driven by a combination of factors – lower CO2emissions, higher mpg, wider model choice, tougher car policies, a sensible Benefit-in-Kind regime and tighter finance – the company car is back ‘on the road again’ and companies and drivers are queuing up to take advantage of the improved company car landscape.”The essential guide looks at why there is now a swing back to the company car; separately examines the reasons why the company car is attractive to drivers and organisations; and considers the salary sacrifice alternative, which can benefit both the employee and employer.

Free copies of the Essential Guide to Company Cars are available to download at: