Dacia, a name you should get to know

Dacia is a car brand that you may not have heard of, or even if you have, it may be an auto manufacturer that you have not paid any interest to. That may be understandable, they are not one of the stand out names in the car world, even if they are owned by French car giant Renault.

Having said that, just because you are not familiar with a brand it does not necessarily follow that it is not a high quality vehicle, and if you are a fan of the worlds most popular motoring show ‘Top Gear’ you may have heard that they voted the companies flagship vehicle the Dacia Duster “The bargain vehicle of the year’ for 2012.

And by bargain they did not mean just cheap, they meant great value for money, in fact they said that the SUV  would “engender a sense of well-being” in its owners, which is high praise indeed from the three grumpy wise men of the auto world.

They also said that the vehicle gave its owners the sense that they had been both very frugal but had also spent their cash wisely. That is a pretty difficult trick to pull off in the cut throat world of motor manufacturing where the usual aim is to give the buyer the sense that they had bought well, when in fact they had just bought a cheap tin box that will decline in value faster than shares in North Korean holiday companies.

For a reasonably equipped SUV, which according to Top Gear magazine is “rock solid” £8,995 feels like an incredibly low price to pay to find yourself behind the wheel of a high quality off roader that again according to the guys at TG will make you “embrace rationality”.

And that is not the only Dacia bargain to be put on the road by Dacia, at an amazing £5,995 the Dacia Sandero is not only the least expensive new car on Britain’s roads it also boasts some great options normally only reserved for upper end of the market.

Another shock is that dealers such as Evans Halshaw can put you in the driving seat of this brand new five door Sandero capable of nearly 50 MPG for a mind boggling sixty nine quid a month. Yes for just £1,795 down you could be driving this insurance group 2E tax band E great little run-around for less than the price of a decent meal out for two per month.

Of course the range is not vast like Ford’s or GM, but on the other hand they have quickly acquired a very solid reputation for producing very high quality vehicles that sell at outlandishly low prices without sidestepping essentials like safety, eco- awareness and extras that make them stand out from the vast international motoring crowd.

So next time you are stuck at the lights behind a car with a Dacia badge take a closer look and see what you may be missing.