DS5 new kid on the road

Being released next spring is the DS5 and its retail price will start at £23,000 and extend up to £33,000. It is the follow-up to the unlikely success of the DS3 and a DS4. The car has a very strange ability to change shape depending on which angle you choose to look at it from. From one direction the car almost appears cute but from the other it appears to be enormously long. There is no question that the car certainly draws attention and you will find yourself keeping your eyes on it longer than you realise..

The man responsible for the exterior design of the car is Frederic Soubirou and he said that he is very proud of what he has achieved. He has managed to make the car intriguing in a way that others have failed to do. Owners of the Audi Q5 or the BMW X3 seeing this car might wonder if they have actually made the right choice and consider whether maybe the Citroen was the right car to go for.

The car is something that the French nation should be proud of creating, it is not often that another European car manufacturer can match what the Germans have created in premium cars. However, with this DS5 it seems the French have succeeded.

Under the bonnet you will have the choice of a petrol engine or two different types of diesel, one of these offering 110 brake horsepower and the more powerful offering 160. If you choose to go for the petrol engine you will get an astonishing 197 brake horsepower and this is all from a 1.6 litre engine. There is also a diesel electric hybrid option if you want something very fuel-efficient.

The inside of the car is stunningly designed and you might wonder whether you are sitting in a car or an aircraft. It is clear that Aeronautics have played a big part in the design inspiration of this car and you might find yourself wondering where the joystick is for take off.

There are overhead switches and a wraparound dashboard which add to the effect. There is plenty of space in the car and tall people will fit comfortably, it’s certainly not a limousine but you will also find plenty of boot space.

For the cars’ size it handles remarkably well and the control of the car is excellent. It has a supple suspension and is responsive even when being thrown through a corner. The steering has an excellent weight although you won’t be getting much feedback from the road. Most of the grip the car gets is from its giant tires and unfortunately this means that the ride quality suffers.