New DVLA crackdown targets illegal parkers and tax dodgers

A new crackdown from the DVLA will see non-compliant drivers pay more in parking fees along with enforcing a contract for those across the country who do not pay their vehicle taxes. This new programme by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) seeks to bring a three year contract in order to enforce these rules in a £50 million bid from the parking enforcement services. The successful company will provides the identity of non-compliant vehicles and help them use the various enforcement options they have to pay the fees.

This help includes technology used to identify vehicles that have outstanding taxes, storage or auction fees, towing-away services, vehicle demolition fees along with parking notices. The DVLA will also provide the enforcement company with the ability to go after uninsured drivers along with those who evade vehicle excise duty (VED). But the contract will primarily tackle the loss of revenue due to users who refuse to pay VED, since the government estimates this lack of VED income costs £40 million of lost revenue to taxpayers.

The DVLA also recently spoke to a press event saying that a group of providers will be considered for this contract, but a lead name would be nominated to oversee these rules. Otherwise, the group would need to turn into a single legal entity before the DVLA can assign this contract.