E-type turns 50

This marks the 50th year of one of the most popular cars ever, the Jaguar E-type. To celebrate, Jaguar is throwing parties at every significant car event all year. Those not left out include Goodwood’s Revival and Festival of Speed, Geneva Motor Show, the Nurburgring Old Timer Grand Prix, the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance, not to mention so many other smaller events throughout the world.

The Jaguar E-type premiered at the Geneva Motor Show in 1961. The top speed for the car clocked in at 150 mph, though its price was much lower than that of its competitors in the same class of abilities. This was the average man’s superhero vehicle. It has been on sale for the past 14 years.

Its launch caused quite the stir. The New York’s Museum of Modern Art holds a permanent position for the E-type due to its significance. Back in the 60’s the Jaguar E-type raised the bar in performance and design, especially as a duo. This impact is felt even today in the contemporary offerings of Jaguar.

Ian Callum, the Director of Design for Jaguar, explains, “Enough could never be said about the significance of the E-type at its premier in 1961. The vehicle embodied the essence of the times and was transformed into its symbol.”