Two new electric vehicles hit the road

Now isn’t that just typical? You wait for what seems like a lifetime for an exciting new electric car designed for city driving. Then two come along at the same time! We already knew that the Volkswagen Nils would be taking its place in Frankfurt next week, now we discover it will be joined by a surprise vehicle from Vauxhall. Bosses haven’t yet revealed its name, but the official pictures show it to be a low slung, raking looking car.

The battery powered car. Which many had said looks like it should be adorned with Opel badges, has taken a cue from the Ampera hybrid at the front, complete with prominent grille and the elongated design of its LED headlamps. The glasshouse has an abrupt upward sweep whilst the rear end looks as if it has been inspired by a motorbike.

This new Vauxhall will, along with the Nils, be taking the fight to the likes of the Audi Urban Concept and the Renault Twizy. It does come as a surprise to discover that despite the cars dramatic design, the two passengers it will be carrying are seated in tandem. It also promises to be impressively lightweight, thus giving the driver agile handling and an overall fun drive, and that its running costs will be very low.

The Vauxhall’s battery has a 60 mile range, and a top speed of 75mph, making it ideal for urban driving and maybe the odd adventure onto the motorway. The top brass as Vauxhall are hoping to revolutionise urban transport by creating a new class of electric vehicles that are lightweight and have zero emissions.

This star of Frankfurt isn’t expected to make production however, and is seen more as a prototype of what we can expect in the future from Vauxhall. Its styling is thought to be what all eco-friendly models that the firm make will be based on, including the electric city car they have in the pipeline.