The era of the small car

It wasn’t that long ago that as far as the car industry was concerned, it was certainly a case of the bigger the better. Every car that seemed to roll off the production line was bigger than its predecessor, and our roads were full of gas guzzling beasts full of all the latest gizmo’s and your street cred went hand in hand with what model you were driving at the time.

Thankfully those days seem to be on their way out, and the era of the small car is definitely upon us. Rising petrol costs have no doubt played their part in the surge of popularity in small cars, or as they are often referred to, super minis. Not only are they a great deal more economical, but they are quick, nippy, easy to handle and perfect for urban driving and parking.

Small cars are nothing new, but it has to be said that for many years the motor industry was, for the want of a better word, sexist. The men drove around in their mighty beasts whilst the small cars were targeted at the woman in the house, a little run-around to get them from A to B, or to go shopping in. Now we see as many men as women in the small cars of today and wallets, as well as the environment, have benefited from this.

So now we have this massive influx of small cars on the roads, the inevitable question has raised its head; ‘what is the best small car?’. Not an easy question to answer, as everyone has their own ideas of what goes to make the best small cars. Some say economy, others say driveability, whilst others reckon the eco-friendliness or ease of driving in cities is most important.

It is invariably down to personal choice, and it is often difficult to understand why a small car that seems to tick all the boxes fails to sell and very quickly drops off the radar. At the other end of the scale, there are those small cars that not only tick the boxes but sell in their millions and create such a buzz that everyone is talking about them. There are a few small cars of this calibre, and two are manufactured by Chevrolet.

The Spark and the Aveo are two great small city cars that are trouncing the opposition in their class, and it’s very easy to see why. Smart, stylish, economical and packed full of great features, these cars have been designed to complement the cities they will be driven in and are fun and funky, exciting and emission friendly. With different door configurations and extreme comfort, these cars are made for driving in today’s cities.

With park assist, aux ports for MP3 players and instrument panels inspired by motorbikes, there are no other small cars on the road quite like these two. Chevrolet are a long respected manufacturer, and it’s great to see that they have brought all the years of expertise to the small car market.

Article courtesy of Chevrolet