Most expensive cars ever sold – The Top 5

One popular pastime among car enthusiasts is that of collecting classic cars. Unfortunately, this can turn out to be a very expensive hobby. Whilst there is, of course, ways of enjoying this pastime whatever your budget, if you want to go for the very best you are going to need something of a mega budget. The following will give you some idea of what this budget could extend to as we take a look at the five most expensive cars ever sold.

Rolls Royce Silver Ghost

Whilst any old Rolls Royce will set you back a fair bit, buying the famous Silver Ghost version will break just about every bank. Among the very first versions of the famous Rolls Royce collection that rolled off the assembly line at the turn of the last century, the Silver Ghost was undoubtedly the finest model in the range. Furthermore, there was one very special one made (the only one in existence, in fact) and this was painted entirely in aluminium paint. This car, estimated to be worth around £20,000,000, certainly tops the list.

Bugatti Type 41 Royale

A classic car, beautifully finished in a blue/black two tone, the Bugatti Type 41 Royale became the second most expensive car ever sold when the founder of Domino’s Pizza, Tom Monaghan, bought it for $9,800,000 (approx £6m) back in 1987. This car was actually one of only six built and is now one of just three that remain.

Ferrari Testa Rossa

The Ferrari Testa Rossa can be marked out as particularly special, simply because it has become the third most expensive car ever sold at a mere forty-five years of age. Built in the swinging sixties, many regard the Testa Rossa as being by far the most beautiful sports car ever produced. It sold for $9,300,000 in 2007.

Mercedes-Benz 540K Special Roadster

Beautifully finished in a classic silver grey, this 1937 roadster became the fourth most expensive car ever sold when Bernie Ecclestone, the Formula 1 mogul, bought it for $8,250,000 at a London auction in 2007.

Duesenberg Model SJ Special (Mormon Meteor)

Finally we have the splendid special edition Duesenberg, which remains the only one of its kind ever produced. Whilst the Duesenberg range was known for its power, the Special SJ model was a supercharged monster. The so-called ‘Mormon Meteor’ is actually a unique version of the Special SJ and was sold for $4,455,000 in 2004, making it the fifth most expensive car ever sold.

The above may be a touch out of your price range, but there are plenty of great classic cars out there that can be obtained at a reasonable price. Insurance, however, can sometimes be a factor, so make sure you check out some classic car insurance quotes on sites such as Moneysupermarket before you purchase anything