Fiat Punto bonnets are the most requested parts for cars

Statistics from the number one UK network of approved breakers for both new and used car parts has shown that the most searches done on the website are for Fiat Punto’s, and the most searched for part is the bonnet. This would suggest that drivers of this car should possibly watch out for problems with the bonnet.

It appears that Fiat Punto drivers could experience bonnet problems due to them being the most searched for car part on the website belonging to the top network of approved national breakers in the UK.

Site statistics from have revealed the top ten most searched for car parts on the site. Whilst the Fiat Punto topped the list, it also came in at third and eighth place. Vauxhall cars appear three times on the list in sixth, seventh and ninth place, whilst Mazda, Renault and Ford cars also appear on the list; suggesting them to be amongst the least reliable or accident-prone car manufacturers.

The top ten most searched for parts on the site were as follows:

1.       Fiat Punto (1200cc 2000) Petrol – Bonnet

2.       Renault Clio (1200cc 2002) Petrol – Bonnet

3.       Fiat Punto (1200cc 2001) Petrol – Bonnet

4.       Renault Laguna (1900cc 2002) Diesel – Turbo Charger

5.       Ford Escort Van (1800cc 2001) Diesel – Bumper (front)

6.       Vauxhall Corsa (1200cc 2002) Petrol – Engine complete/full

7.       Vauxhall Corsa (1000cc 2004) Petrol – Engine complete/full

8.       Fiat Punto (1200cc 2002) Petrol – Bonnet

9.       Vauxhall Astra (1700cc 2005) Diesel – Engine complete/full

10.   Mazda Demio (1500cc 2007) – Engine mount (drivers side)

Other parts that were commonly requested on the site, but just missed the top ten, included both headlights and rear lights. Amongst the least requested items were a Ford Focus front bumper, Audi A3 bonnet and a Skoda Fabia gearbox. has released the statistics in an attempt to try and find out why bonnets are topping the list of most requested car parts.

Matt Bott, founder of, had the following to say about the statistics:

“It’s always interesting to take a look at site statistics and see which makes and parts are most searched for on the site; however, some people might find it quite surprising to see what’s in the top ten. I was quite surprised to see the top three most requested parts were bonnets and not engine parts. When you combine that with the fact that the majority of the cars in the top ten are common for first time drivers, this could perhaps indicate a high number of accidents amongst young drivers. However, it could be down to something simple, such as the fact that those cars are quite common, which might explain the high volume of searches. ”

He continued:

“The number of bonnet requests could be a result of tailgating or even something as simple as people sitting on the bonnet of these types of cars without care. The number of engines in the top ten may be a result of them being burnt out by people driving too fast, or simply by a lack of awareness about engine maintenance. You’d be surprised by the number of people that simply forget to check the oil levels in their engine!

The top ten changes fairly regularly and we can always extract the latest data, but there are a few repeat offenders on the list. If you’re experiencing problems with your car and you can’t afford some of the astronomical fees that are out there, then breakers really are a great option, as they offer both new and used parts and you can make some great savings.”

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