Where to find old Honda parts for you car

If you take a look online you’ll be surprised at the hundreds of sites offering Honda original parts, leaving you baffled and not knowing which dealership to trust.

Many dealers state that they are well established, claim to be Honda specialists and promise vehicle parts whilst saving the shopper money. Some offer a no obligation quote and next day delivery, but choosing the dealership to go for is going to be tricky.  Just which dealership is right for you and where will you get the best deal?

Make a start by picking a site and then enter your registration number and your Honda information. You should then enter the part or parts that you need or select from the catalogue supplied for your vehicle, along with your contact details and consent to the search doing the work for you.  They check various depots and scrap yards nationally for you and source quotations for you swiftly.  All this is done without any obligation on your part, it’s a free service.

The older your cars the more complicated this can be as spares disappear from the market over time.  Sometimes this means that sourcing parts can be found at a much higher price than you expected to pay or were quoted.  Most car owners are familiar with the aggravation it can cause getting authentic and economical car parts and it isn’t difficult getting ripped off when you don’t know any better and if you have bad parts installed it can cost you a lot more to rectify in the future, a further expense to your budget.

Use an Authorised Honda Dealer

By searching the list of authorised Honda dealers will extensively lessen your time spent on it and you’ll be more likely to find the parts that you want.  If you’re not sure whether or not the dealer is approved take a look at Honda’s official website and if you can’t find it give them a call or an email asking for a list of authorised dealers in your area. Simply following these steps will guarantee that you only get superior parts, good after sales service and that you won’t be taken advantage of and if you’re really lucky you’ll get free delivery as well.

Your next step is to check the exact specifications of the parts that you need, essential as parts come in different shapes and sizes and it’s not difficult to end up with the wrong part that won’t fit.  If you’re not sure of the size contact your dealership, they’ll be able to help you.

It’s best to shop around and explore the options available to you and ask more than one dealer to seek out the part that you require and for the internet carry out research when you’re looking for Honda parts.

The other alternative is to head down to the Honda dealership where you bought the vehicle and ask them for advice and guidance, as Honda offers an after care service.