Ford’s latest Fiesta supermini is something quite special

Ford’s changes to the Fiesta supermini have become more radical the more you move ahead in the line and the Ford Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 2013 is no different. This vehicle is quite flashy starting with the taillight cluster in the back to the new three-cylinder Ecoboost engine that is built in the front. With a huge grill that looks a bit like an Aston Martin and a great climate control interface inside, the Fiesta is something you can easily get used to driving.

Of course, what really keeps the Fiesta one of the top selling cars in Britain is not all of these factors, but really the fact that it is an affordable vehicle. Entry level Fiestas start as low as £9800, but if you want to the 79bhp 1.0 Ecoboost engine built in then you will have to go up a bit to £12,300.

For another £600 you can get the 99bhp Ecoboost Engine and for the Titanium specs you will have o move right up the chain to a standard vehicle which costs about £14,900. Of course, with the standard you get a whole bunch of extra goodies that don’t come on the entry level such as air conditioning, Sony hi-fi, a heated windscreen, and LED running lights.

Paying a bit more for the 99bhp Ecoboost might be a good idea if you are a frequent driver as it will get you road tax-exempt since it only has a carbon output of 99g/km. In addition, you are going to save money at the petrol shop because the Fiesta is able to get an amazing 65.7mpg which is pretty good. Despite its small look, there is also plenty of room inside making it a treat to drive with some nice trim and architecture.