Fun and practicality in the Toyota Verso

Those who want a car that is half functionality and half a delight to drive may want to try out the new Toyota Verso 2013. This time around with the Verso from Toyota appears to be paying a bit more attention to fun features instead of just dull functions, and the result is astounding.

Priced affordably at £18,000 o £23,445 the Verso is the very first Toyota model to benefit from the localization program that Toyota is trying out, and it obviously shows as the engineers have really helped to tweak the car. The new Verso offers a great comfortable drive and a nice interior although it is missing a few eco and safety tweaks that most drivers would like to see if given the option.

The new localisation programme means that the model was developed with some input from the European operation of Toyota and some of the perks of the collaboration are clear. For instance, the Verso now has a larger road presence and is overall much more dynamic when it comes to driving.

Aggressive pricing, a new overhauled diesel engine, and a nice standard kit package have all helped make the Verso look like a car that families are going to want. Plus, the actual body control, bump absorption, and overall comfort of the Verso makes it a delight to be inside of at all times which is pretty neat.

The performance of the vehicle is not going to match up with some of your faster cars on the roads, and overall its peak torque is 228lb ft with a maximum ability to reach 200rpm, but as a family car this is not going to matter too much to most people. It still has a fast acceleration and a smooth engine which should make most people happy.